About Sarah Pollock

Sarah has been involved with horses her entire life and began competing at the age of 9. During her time as a junior she competed on the West Coast in hunters, jumpers, and equitation on the ‘AA’ rated circuit with Grand Prix rider Romelia Calderon and trainer Hope Davis. After her junior career she decided to continue her education of the sport by becoming a working student in college for Gabriella Salick of Sandstone Farms who was working alongside German veterans of the sport, Marcus and Meredith Beerbaum and training USA Olympian, Lucy Davis.

She continued to compete on her own horse through college as well as taking a heavy involvement in IHSA. During her time at Cal Poly Pomona she was co-captain of the team coaching all levels of the hunt seat team helping them attain numerous regional, zone, and national titles. She was ranked number 1 in her region and 11th in the country her senior year in 2014. Sarah became involved in the American Student Riding Association where she later took on the role as National Responsible for the team where she traveled and competed all over Europe in student rider nations cups. She graduated with a degree in Marketing Management in 2014 from Cal Poly Pomona.

After college she began working for Camino Real Farms as the head rider and working part time for Miracle Ranch where she trained and started young horses to begin their show career in the hunters, jumpers and equitation. She later worked and trained under Grand Prix rider Peter Petschenig before moving to Central California.

During her time on the Central Coast she worked as the head trainer of Asuncion Valley Farm from 2017-2019, helping develop young jumpers as well as training clients and horses under SPS. In 2019, she decided to make SPS her main focus which allowed her to dedicate her time to the riders and horses in her training program at Templeton Farms in Templeton, CA.

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Finally … a hunter/jumper trainer with amazing riding AND coaching skills! 
I’ve been riding for over 20 years and had yet to find this combination until I started training with Sarah.  I’m thrilled with the progress my jumpers have made since they’ve been in her program, but more importantly (for me) is my growth in becoming a better rider through Sarah’s guidance. 
She has a calm demeaner when teaching and communicates very effectively during my lessons. I’ve definitely become a much more confident rider since I began training with Sarah, as her lessons are all about positive reinforcement for both horse and rider.
When she’s on a horse, she has a soft but effective hand and almost gets into the mind of the horse.  She understands that every horse is different in terms of breeding, background, previous training, history, etc., and has the rare ability to adapt her riding to the individual needs of each horse. 
The safety and wellbeing of the horses are always first and foremost in Sarah’s program, and she never loses her patience. She is a true professional with a rare gift, mature beyond her years, and perhaps best of all, NO DRAMA!
— Leslie Buebel
My mare and I have been training with Sarah for almost a year now and she’s done wonders for us both physically and mentally. When I started training with her, my horse and I had come off of a couple bad rides, and I was working my way back after breaking my collar bone. Mentally I was timid, confused, and not confident that I could achieve the goals I wanted with my horse. During our very first lesson, Sarah pushed me out of my comfort zone, but understood where I was coming from. She understood the fear, the anxiety, and how it feels to lose confidence after an injury. She took a holistic approach for both my horse and I and she truly embraced our style and spirit. Before I knew it, I was confidently jumping again and consistently jumping better than we ever have.

Aside from what she’s done for me as a rider, my horse has never felt or looked better. She’s become remarkably fit, supple, and stronger at 16 than she was at 12. Sarah’s program always puts the horse’s happiness and health first and my horse is thriving. Living two hours away from her, I have no worries and full trust in Sarah and I know my mare is always a priority and genuinely adored.

Sarah is one of the most passionate and talented people I’ve ever met in the industry. She will push you out of your comfort zone and show you what you and your horse are capable of while also making every lesson fun and unique.
— Jacqueline Arnold
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Words cannot describe how happy I am to have found Sarah Pollock. I grew up with an incredible trainer, whose personalized program, attention to detail, and undeniable love for the horse and this sport seemed impossible to duplicate.
When I moved to the central coast to attend college I was shocked to find another trainer whose program so closely resembled the one I was raised in. I have nothing but praise for Sarah as a rider, trainer, and horsewoman. She works tirelessly to ensure each horse and rider’s needs are met.
Sarah has helped me gain more confidence in myself as a rider through her positive and supportive teaching style, but never fails to push me outside of my comfort zone with challenging and thoughtful exercises.
Also, Sarah’s extensive background with young horses allows her guide and support my riding career with my young jumper. Again, Sarah is an incredible rider, trainer, and horsewoman, but she also so much more than that; Sarah is kind, selfless, and beyond generous, and Sarah Pollock Sporthorses is a team that I am proud to be a part of.
— Mikayla Vosseller
I can’t say enough great things about Sarah and her program. Sarah is one of the best up-and-coming trainers in the sport, and is an equestrian in every sense of the word – passionate, skilled, dedicated, and highly educated.
In her training, Sarah combines highly technical knowledge with a fun and patient attitude, making for top results for both rider and horse.
Horses are Sarah’s first priority, and each horse is given unparalleled attention and care, and individualized conditioning to help them achieve peak happiness and performance. Further, Sarah’s lessons are highly customized.
I’ve ridden with a number of top trainers throughout the years, and I’ve come out of every lesson with Sarah having learned something new and truly feeling like a better rider.
If you’re looking for a top program where you can enjoy yourself and become a both a better horseperson and rider, Sarah Pollock Sporthorses is your place!
— Isabella Pitts